GosainKunda Trekking

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Gosaikunda trekking is a journey with amazing view of Ganesh Himal. Mount.Manaslu and Annapurna. Gosaikund, situated in the north of Kathmandu valley, is quite remote and less populated area. The glacier Gosaikunda Lake adjoined with several other glacier lakes is most famous religious Kunda (Lake) in Nepal.

In August, thousands of Hindu people visit this Lake during the full moon. There is a belief that the Lord Shiva intoxicated by grief due to his wife goddess Parbati’s death. He was very thirsty. Therefore he hit the stone with his holy emblem trident to get the water. This is how the Lake Gosaikund was originated. But according to legend, Lord Shiva created the famous Gosaikund when he pierced a glacier with his trident to get water to quench his thirst after he swallowed poison that threatened to destroy the world. This Lake is also sacred to Buddhists.

The Gosaikunda basin contains about a dozen lakes. The Saraswatikunada, Bhairabkunda and Gosaikunda are the most famous Kundas.


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